Center history


Delegation to the Regional Institute of Computer Science and Telecommunications (IRSIT) May 17, 1991, as part of scientific research activities.


Re-delegation to the Tunisian Internet Agency (ATI).

The Tunisian Network Information Center has been created within the Tunisian Internet Agency to ensure the administration and management of domain names servers under the national domain .tn

The center began operations in 1996 with technical and strategic missions among them the development, promotion and the increase of .tn domain names.

The registration model was then a 2R model  (Registry / Registrant), where domain names were requested and granted by ATI directly.


This year was marked by the arrival of the first registrars within the general framework of promoting the Internet in Tunisia. The Registrars have been a key vehicle in promoting .tn domain names in ensuring the role of single interface with applicants for .tn domain names. The Registration then passed to a 3R model (Registry / Registrar / Registrant).


From 2001, an Order of the Minister of Communication Technologies of August 10, 2001 specified the provisions and rules on naming and domain names. This Order has incorporated the charter for the registration of domain names and domain names organized sector by sector with thus aiming to guide the applicants in domain name choices.


Given the provisions of this Order, a semi-automated registration has been established to facilitate the management and operations domains names registration, transfer and termination and, in coordination with the Services Providers state and private Internet, thereby reducing the average time for registration of a domain name instead of a week to 24 working hours.

The number of domain names has continued to increase until day and especially during the last five years.

The Tunisian Network Information Center also continues to seek the most effective solutions for developing the Tunisian Top Level Domain .tn and the establishment of more flexible and easier registration procedures for the community.


As part of the promotion and creation of the Tunisian Internet content and a better response to the needs and expectations of citizens, a reform of the namespace .tn was launched.

The reform focuses on the following objectives:

  • The simplification of administrative procedures
  • Better distribution of administrative and technical management of domain names
  • The gradual opening of the namespace directly under .tn

The ultimate goal of this reform is to move to the online registration of domain names under .tn, with electronic payment.