«.tn» Reform


Communiqué - 23 Mai 2011

The series of reforms aiming to the gradual opening of the national domain “.tn”, that has started since March 16, 2009, continue, now, with greater flexibility of registration rules. In order to provide a concrete response to the expectations and aspirations of the various stakeholders, the latest amendment, introduced since May 11th 2011, is characterized by less stringent registration requirements, thus allowing synchronous registration process based on post-registration audits, rather than pre-registration verification of the requests - previously adopted.

Under the same reform, competition between registrars is reinforced with the possibility for any legal person accepting and meeting the terms of the agreement published on www.registre.tn, to become a “.tn” registrar.

Apart from simply increasing the number of registrars, the liberalization of this activity would enhance the quality of services; encourage the creation of value around “.tn” and, moreover, put at the center the freedom of choice of “.tn” registrants, for the selection of their service offering among a wide range available on the market. Registrar’s agreement and activity will be in accordance with operational best practices, matchingwhatis happeningat the international level.

Furthermore, this reform reviewed the maximum fees of “.tn” domain names registration that could be applied by registrars, to be capped at 29 dinars per year inclusive of all taxes. Such measure is expected to help make “.tn” more accessible and competitive, encourage the registration of “.tn” domain names, and content creation by professionals as well as civil society and citizens in general.